Greens, conservatives form coalition to promote clean power

Greens, conservatives form coalition to promote clean power

Amanda Reilly, E&E reporter

Published: Monday, June 6, 2016

Environmentalists and conservative advocates today announced a new coalition of groups from across the political spectrum dedicated to clean energy and climate change.

The “Clean Energy Commitment” is promising to push for energy policy reform by rallying citizens to advocate for renewable power sources.

The new alliance includes the Environmental Defense Fund, the American Security Project, the Christian Coalition of America, the National Wildlife Federation, Young Conservatives for Energy Reform, the Moms Clean Air Force and Defend Our Future.

“By bringing together organizations that represent different points of view on many issues, we may appear to be an unlikely partnership in an era of intense partisanship,” Jeremy Symons, Environmental Defense Fund associate vice president of climate political affairs, wrote in a blog post today.

“But outside the Beltway, a conversation is gaining momentum about how to set a new direction for America’s energy future,” Symons said.

The coalition has what it calls three central goals: holding companies responsible for carbon pollution impacts, removing subsidies for “energy sources of the past” and removing limits to “clean, affordable” energy.

“America should lead the world in cleaner, more secure energy choices that create American jobs and protect our environment,” said Michele Combs, chairwoman and founder of Young Conservatives for Energy Reform.

“But today, this shift is being slowed by politics,” she said. “It is essential to broaden the base of support for energy policy reform, and young conservatives are ready to lead.”

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