Trump can make the US energy independent with clean energy

Trump can make the US energy independent with clean energy

Dear President-elect Trump,

Conservatives across the nation have been moved to action through your campaign and look forward to working with you to make America great again. Like you, I’ve been taking on a task that has its fair share of critics: making the United States energy independent by strengthening our position as a world leader in clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The things that drive me are things that appear to drive you too. I don’t want our troops to be put in harm’s way in pursuit of costly oil overseas. You also speak of your admiration, respect and gratitude for our men and women in uniform. I know that, as president, you will prioritize their safety.

I care about quality of life for those born and unborn, both in this generation and for generations to come. Likewise, you have committed to appoint Supreme Court justices who respect the sanctity of life.

I want to spur American innovation and encourage new infrastructure. Your phenomenally successful business career proves your expertise in creating jobs and fostering ingenuity. Most of all, I want energy to be as affordable as possible for every American. This would go a long way in your quest to restore our country to the height of her glory.

It is for these reasons that I write to ask for your commitment to be a champion of American renewable energy while you are in office. As a businessman, I am sure the incredible returns appeal to you: Each dollar invested in energy efficiency yields up to $4 in returns. As a savvy investor, I am sure you can appreciate the hedge renewable energy provides in protecting against overdependence on fuel sources that are globally priced. The price of natural gas in the U.S. has thus far been set locally, but as we begin trading our gas on the global market, as we did earlier this year, those prices will likely go up. The U.S. should not be subject to the whims of those markets by being over-dependent on one resource for our energy production.

America’s heartland, a region that wholeheartedly embraced your message at the ballot box, provides us with the skillset and manpower to be a leader in manufacturing the energy technology of tomorrow. Michigan and Ohio are home to a growing number of companies that produce resources for wind and solar energy production, providing thousands of jobs for hardworking folks in these states. Many biomass companies are located in Wisconsin. There are hydropower plants all throughout the Midwest. Imagine the countless jobs that could be created if we encourage the growth of these new and profitable industries across all 50 states.

As you seek to ensure the U.S. remains an “all of the above” country when it comes to energy, I encourage you to adopt policies that continue to drive the incredible progress we’ve made over the past few years. With every step forward for clean energy, we lessen our country’s reliance on foreign sources of oil and ensure our troops aren’t embroiled in complex international conflicts. Keeping U.S. dollars out of the hands of governments that wish to harm us is an objective I think we can all agree on. A great America does not fund terror.

Finally, I ask that you be open to new ideas. Over the last decade, many energy policies have become partisan and counterproductive, stalled in the swamp of Washington and preventing real growth. Don’t be afraid to look at the economic, national security and environmental impacts of clean energy from a Republican perspective. The nation’s political Left has no ownership of this issue. After all, it was President Nixon who started the EPA, recognizing the crucial need to protect our environment and the health of all Americans.

We need to listen to the voices of so many young people, as they demand greater use of renewable energy. These same young people care deeply about the health and welfare of our nation. Numerous polls show that more than half of conservative young people say clean energy is a priority political issue for them. Failure to attract young voters has been a problem that has plagued our party for years, and one you can help fix.

I hope that you will join me and Young Conservatives for Energy Reform in our desire to help you make our country great again by making us a leader in clean energy.

Michele Combs is the founder and chair of Young Conservatives for Energy Reform.!

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