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Michigan Young Republicans embrace clean energy

As the next generation of conservative leaders, we have long been looking for a voice to expand the conversations that are had among conservative circles to include issues that are of growing importance to our generation. Recently, the Young Conservatives…
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Republicans to rally around renewable energy in D.C.

By JOHN SICILIANO A conservative clean energy summit will descend on Washington this week to show “it’s OK” for Republicans to support wind and solar. The summit, backed by groups representing young conservative and Christian voters, will hear from a…
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Wind energy a winning issue for candidates this fall

By Tom Kiernan, Roberta Combs and Michele Combs Enough for over 20 million homes. That’s how much electricity can be produced with the amount of wind power now installed in the U.S. Said another way, American wind turbines now produce…
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GOP climate activists see party developing 2020 vision

CLEVELAND — Conservationists. Clean energy advocates. The EcoRight. There’s no unifying moniker for the host of conservative green groups that descended on the Republican National Convention here this week, but activists did agree on this: Their ranks are growing, and…
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